August School of Music



Site area

000 Sq.m


Saligramam, Chennai

Year of Completion


August School of Music

August Piano Studio was birthed from the desire to provide quality piano lessons, focusing on the wholistic development of the student. We are also passionate about promoting the instrument in this part of the Chennai city.

AMS Potrait 1

Designed with a contemporary theme, the building seamlessly integrates into the existing campus narrative. It embraces passive climate-responsive strategies, incorporating indoor green cover and maximising natural light permeation. Adhering to the “form follows function” principle, the design aligns meticulously with the functional requirements of the building.

AMS Potrait 5

The centre’s plan aligns with adjacent structures, responding cohesively to the overall site master plan. The approach to the building takes advantage of existing vegetation, creating a natural canopy that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also reflects heat, keeping the indoors cool during the summer. The spatial planning is crafted with a deliberate intent – to maximise views and create an atmosphere of “pleasure learning. Special emphasis is given to spaces catering to lectures, seminars, student-centric workshops, and co-working spaces.  From seminar halls and computer centres to collaborative hubs and outdoor areas, this centre is a versatile ecosystem designed to encourage interaction and adaptability.

AMS Potrait 4

The use of earthy and natural colours evokes a sense of nature. Extensive use of jalli optimizes access to natural light, creating a unified design both indoor and outdoor. The intentional continuity in materials and colour palettes contributes to an overall sense of unity in design.

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